Jade Roller: Introduction to your next skincare essential!

If you've ever wondered about the skincare routines of celebrities, dermatologists, and beauty bloggers, you've probably come across the face roller; a low-tech yet high-impact tool.

Jade face rollers may be used for pleasant face massages, but they also reduce puffiness, promote blood circulation and empty lymph nodes. In this article you will learn everything there is to know about the jade roller; its benefits and instructions on how to use it.

What is the Jade Roller?

Face rollers are tools that are used to massage the face. They usually have a smooth, chilly surface and come in various materials, including crystals such as jade, rose quartz, amethyst, stainless steel (also known as ice rollers), and plastic. Some of these materials are more resistant to wear and tear than others. Crystal, for example, can chip or break with time.

Face rollers are used by gripping the handle and rubbing the massage head over your skin. They are used to apply moisturizers and serums more effectively (1).

Jade Roller Benefits

Jade face rollers have been used in Chinese beauty rituals and made their way into everyday skincare routines for a reason. If you are thinking about whether jade rollers work, here are some of the benefits of using this skin care tool:

Decreases puffiness:

Jade face rollers can be used for lymphatic massages, which encourages lymphatic fluid drainage. This removes bacterial build-up from the skin and reduces puffiness and irritation!

Soothed skin:

Face rollers can help "wake up" the skin by lowering inflammation, soothing nasal irritation, and de-puffing tired eyelids first thing in the morning. This jade roller can maintain the cold for up to two hours, allowing you to get the benefits of a face roller even on the go! You may also refrigerate your roller overnight to give burned or irritated skin even more cooling relief.

Brighter skin:

You can also use jade face rollers to brighten your skin and bring back your natural shine. Using a face roller improves blood circulation and distributes fluids and oxygenated blood over the skin, reducing dullness and giving you a more youthful glow.

Better product distribution:

Face rollers may be used with your favorite face oils, serums, and moisturizers from your current skincare routine. It not only makes gliding the roller across the face smoother, but it also makes applying for full coverage a lot easier! This face roller has been redesigned with gentle vibrations to aid serum absorption and suppleness!

Increased product absorption:

Face rollers, unlike our fingertips, do not pull at the skin or absorb product, leaving more for the targeted areas of the face. When using a face roller, you can apply as much or as little pressure as you like to massage the material more profoundly into your skin.

Sculpt your face:

By contouring your cheekbones and chin, facial rollers can help you slim down your face. You may thin and tighten your skin by using strokes upward and pulling excess fluid away from your face's features.  (2)

How to Use a Jade Roller Correctly

Read the following steps to learn about the jade roller directions.

Step 1: Applying fluids on Your Face

You'll want to prepare your face before reaching for your roller. This is best accomplished by applying serums and oils to your skin. Just be careful not to entirely massage it in so that the jade roller can go to work. This is an excellent treatment to use in conjunction with a serum or a finishing touch with your face oil.

Step 2: Using a jade roller on the neck and collarbone

With your jade roller, begin at your collarbone and work your way up to the top. Begin on the collarbone and gently glide outwards from the body's midline to the outlines of the collarbone. As you make a pass with the roller, move it up one step and draw another line.

Then proceed to the neck in the same manner. When you reach the neck, continue this motion from the centerline outwards and up the neck. Focus on the sides of your neck and the area immediately below your jawline. Slowly push and go up to your neck to the base of your chin. This gentle massage helps ease stress in the neck while also boosting circulation, which helps to minimize puffiness in the face.

Step 3: Transitioning to Your Face

It's now time for your facial muscles to work. Using the same method you used on your neck and collarbone, roll from the corners of your lips up and forth toward the ears and hairline. Always roll into the center from the sides of the face, not the other way around. Your brow should also be moved upward. 

Step 4: Applying the Small Stone to the Area Around Your Eyes

If you have a double-sided roller, switch to the little stone. This gives you versatility making it way easier to target puffy under-eye circles. From the inner corner, roll on your eye outwards. Because the skin below and above your eyes is delicate, highlight the importance of using this product with caution. Don't put yourself under too much stress!

Step 5: Making Sure Your Face Roller Is Clean

If you are wondering how to clean a jade roller after you apply moisturizer or serums, the answer is to sterilize it with soapy water before storing it for future use. Using a light soap or baby shampoo, squirt some on the stone and then roll it in warm water. Finally, dry it by rolling it out on a cloth.


Every skincare routine should include facial rollers. You may boost the efficiency of your favorite products while effortlessly adding numerous calming, brightening, and contouring advantages by applying them with a jade face roller rather than your fingertips. Jade rollers deserve a place in your routine!

We can say with confidence that jade rollers are certainly worth the investment as a facial tool. But make sure you are using it the right way: starting from the bottom of your face and going upwards. Just the idea that you are taking one extra step for your skin is enough to add a happy glow to your face!


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