Silicone Lip Plumper Device
complete kit of Silicone Lip Plumper Device with user manual
Silicone Lip Plumper Device complete kit with user manual and packing
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Functions of Silicone Lip Plumper Device
Features of Silicone Lip Plumper Device
Silicone Lip Plumper Device with apple lip and full lip effect
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Silicone Lip Plumper Device

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Get instantly plump, luscious, beautiful lips - naturally - in the comfort of your own home with the Femvy Lip Plumper Tool..

a girl is using Silicone Lip Plumper Device

With the lip plumping area made of rubber silicone (instead of harsh plastic like other devices), you’ll have a comfortable experience with no worries of pain, discomfort or bruising.

The Femvy Lip Plumper is gentle, quiet and comfortable to use, and you’ll love its instant results. Who doesn’t desire fuller, plumper, more youthful looking lips? And now you can have them, all without costly injections, uncomfortable plumping serums, or downtime.

It’s compact, easy to use and safe. And unlike other devices on the market, it’s USB chargeable and doesn’t rely on AAA batteries. You’ll never have to worry about being caught short without power when you want to ‘top up’ your pout! 


Get plump lips that look visibly healthy, rejuvenated and youthful! The lip plumping tool will: 

  • Reduce the appearance of lip lines and wrinkles
  • Increase lip volume and fullness
  • Boost collagen production
  • Keeping your lips looking naturally fuller for longer
  • Restore and revitalise the natural colour of the lips by stimulating blood flow

before and after comparison

Use your lip enhancer on the go - never be without luscious lips again

Thanks to its handy USB charger and lightweight design, it fits easily into your purse or makeup bag. This lips enhancer device can easily be charged on-the-go with your phone charger. You’ll never be without the beautiful, plump lips that you desire, and can ‘top up’ your treatment whenever you need! 

Customise your lip treatment with 3 adjustable suction levels 

The Femvy Lip Plumper has three pressure settings from low to high. You can build up the plumpness of your lips without any discomfort. You can also choose the setting that best meets your lip plumping goals and provides optimal lipcare.

For lip plumping newbies, we recommend starting on the lowest power setting. This gives you a good intro into how the device feels and the effect that it has on your lips. You can then customise your treatment options to your desired effect. 

Two lip plumping options - choose between full lips or apple lips

This amazing little lip enhancer tool comes with two plumping tip options - apple lip effect, or full lip effect. 

  1. Full lip effect will equally plump both the top and bottom lip. 
  2. Apple lip effect plumps the bottom lip slightly more than the top lip. 

Push control design - you choose the level of the lip plumping effect

To use the tool, simply push into your lips and the pressure will activate the device. You’re in full control of the level of suction the whole time. 

Controlling your comfort level also means that the device is safe to use. Unlike other lip enhancer devices with fixed suction levels that can lead to bruising, being in full control of the suction will put you in charge. 


The lip plumper tool is a great way to test out how your face might look with fuller lips, or to achieve fuller lips without the pain, commitment and cost of injectables! The effect of fuller lips after using the electric lip plumper device varies, and typically ranges from 30 minutes to 4 hours hours.

As this lips enhancer tool is portable, lightweight and discrete, it can be easily carried in your handbag, so if you’re out on the town or at an event, it’s easy and simple to pop to the restroom and ‘top up’ your pout. 


By applying a gentle yet effective suction, the lip plumper tool promotes blood flow to the lips by stimulating the capillaries. This harmless effect brings more blood to the lip area, plumping them and giving them the full, luscious appearance that we all desire! 


Step One: Gently exfoliate and moisturise your lips to ensure they are soft and supple. A hydrating balm or serum free of any colours or additives is the best option. 

Step Two: Choose your lip fullness - either full lips or apple lips - and attach the appropriate lip plumping head to the device.

Step Three: Pout your lips and and insert them into the head of the natural lip plumping tool, ensure that a tight seal is achieved to get the best suction possible. 

Step Four: Press the power button once for the lowest setting. Power/suction can be increased by pressing the button again, up to three times. 

Step Five: Use the device to plump for 30-60 second intervals.

Step Six: Once you’ve reached your desired fullness, apply your favourite lip gloss, balm or lipstick and enjoy your beautiful, plump pout! 


  • 1x Femvy Lip Plumping Tool
  • 2x Femvy Lip Plumping Tool Heads - Full Lip & Apple Lip
  • 1x Charging Cord
  • 1x Instruction Guide

When purchasing your Femvy Lip Plumper Tool from Dr. Pen Australia, you’ll also benefit from an Australian warranty, expert support from our local Aussie customer service team should you ever need it, and fast, efficient shipping.

Lip Plumping Tool Features & Design

  • Production material: handle ABS + lamp post PC + food grade silicone
  • Battery voltage: 3.7V polymer battery
  • Battery capacity: 250mAh lithium battery
  • Working current: no load 0.26A soil 0.02A
  • Battery charging time: about 40 minutes
  • Single product gross weight (including packaging): 251g
  • Single product net weight: 136g
  • Machine size: 18x5.6x5cm (maximum diameter)

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