Sai Yogi - White Clay Sheet Mask - 7pcs
set of Sai Yogi - White Clay Sheet Mask
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Sai Yogi - White Clay Sheet Mask - 7pcs

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White Clay Sheet Mask

Allow us to take your face on a Journey to Rejuvenation.
Sai Yogi White Clay Sheet Mask provides that from the comfort of your home.

woman is holding white clay mask on her hands and green leaves behind in the background

Experience the Deep Cleansing

Phase 1: Experience your pores opening up

The mask deeply adsorbs the dirt and toxins which creates a warm feeling.

Phase 2: Experience your Face Cooling Down 

Feel your face cooling down while your pores are closing.

Phase 3: Experience your Skin Tightening Up

Feel your skin tightening. Finish your experience feeling Rejuvenated.

Product Specifications

 100% Vegan ~ Natural 

vegan natural white clay mask

Special Features

The Sai Yogi White Clay Sheet Mask is a magical facial mask. It refines and minimizes pores to help clarify even blemish-prone skin. The Earthy ingredients help smooth and resurface. Antioxidants and skin-soothing botanicals provide clear, radiant and beautifully balanced skin.


Kaolin ~ Volcanic Soil ~ Castor Oil ~ Aloe Vera Extract

Customer Reviews

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Kay Eiloof

So glad it comes with 7 pieces! I used them in the evening and fell in a deep slumber afterwards. The experience is very nice and almost spa-like. I could feel the mask cleansing my face and at the same time it felt like a massage x_x
5 star rating and most definitely worth it!

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